In The Media

Along the way TIDE furniture has been featured in numerous publications. Below is a select list of mentions.

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Date & Issue

Product Featured

Vogue Living September/October 2008 Mollino Writing Desk
Inside Out Magazine November/December 2008 La Paz Side Table
Herald Sun - Saturday Home Magazine 18 October 2008 Tide Design
The Sunday Age - M Magazine 23 November 2009 Tide Design
Inside Out Magazine March/April 2009 Mollino Writing Desk
Habitus Magazine Issue 3 Tierra Sideboard
Vogue Living Autumn/Winter 2009 La Paz Side Table, Tierra Sideboard
Inside Out Magazine September/October 2009 Tide Design
Insite Magazine Spring 2009 Tierra Sideboard
The Melbourne Design Guide 2009-2011 Tide Design
Green Magazine Issue 19 Mollino Writing Desk
Habitus Living website July 2011 Tide Design
Green Magazine Issue 21 Tide Design
Furnishing International Summer 2011 Tide Design
Design Quarterly Issue 43 Tide Design
Belle Magazine Aug/Sep 2013 Tuki Desk
The Design Chaser May 2013 Tide Design
Green Magazine Sep/Oct 2013 Tuki Desk