Our Story

We are committed to the design and production of high quality, handmade, unique furniture, designed and built to provide an enduring appeal.

January 2007, and having decided to leave an office career, George Harper, the founder of TIDE Design, was about to embark on a Diploma of Furniture Design and Making at the Box Hill Institute, Melbourne.

Whilst studying, weekends and evenings and any time in between was spent working in a small backyard shed, developing ideas, and producing chopping boards to be sold at local markets.

TIDE Design was soon to follow, and was established to market the handmade furniture that we are so passionate about creating and sharing. And since that time it has all been about developing our range and style.

We were, and continue to be, inspired by simplicity, attention to detail, quality design and manufacturing, and most importantly, individuality.

We’ve come a long way since those humble beginnings, but the guiding principles remain. Browse the catalogue and we’re confident you’ll be able to see what we’re on about.

Individual Pieces
For Individuals

We understand everyone is different. Because all TIDE furniture is made-to-order, it can be custom designed to your specific requirements in terms of materials, finish and dimensions.

A Lifetime
of Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction. The TIDE design philosophy is one of longevity rather than the latest fad. From idea to concept to finished product, all TIDE pieces are designed and made with a view to gratification in the long term.

A Sustainable

At TIDE we aim to be part of the solution, not the problem. TIDE furniture is mostly made from top quality North American timbers that come from forests considered to be the best managed in the world. Each TIDE piece is designed and manufactured to last a lifetime, providing an eco-friendly alternative to mass-produced and disposable furniture.

Commitment to
Quality Products

Only the highest quality materials, hardware and finishes are used at TIDE, where every joint and component is meticulously checked and every detail carefully resolved.