TIDE Story – From the beginning…

December 2019

The TIDE brand was first established in 2007 and it’s a been a lot of work and countless hours to build it to what it is today. Here’s a little bit more about how TIDE came about from the founder, George Harper…

I often get asked “were you into woodwork as a kid?”, and the honest answer is “no – I had no interest whatsoever!”

In the early 2000’s, however, a seed was planted when we needed a particular sized table at home and I went to the local hardware store, armed with limited knowledge and a can-do, ‘I’ll build it myself’ attitude.

The project was completed to spec, on time and within budget. I really enjoyed the process of designing, building and finishing something tangible, and still have and use the table to this very day!

I didn’t think anything more of woodwork or furniture making until a subsequent birthday, when friends presented me with a range of power tool gifts.

Although surprised to receive a skill saw and tool belt among other things, it gave me the impetus to undertake a short course in furniture making.

The first ever TIDE products were these chopping boards sold at the local Brunswick market.

The furniture making/woodworking bug took hold, and after a year or two of toiling away at the weekends it dawned on me that maybe I could do this for a living.

I resigned from my office job and started a two-year diploma in furniture design and making at TAFE, which opened my eyes to a whole new world, particularly in terms of design practice and theory.


The first TIDE Showroom from 2012.

TIDE was established midway through my studies – it was exciting to have a business and be forging my own path in something I was passionate about.

The beginnings were very humble – a bandsaw, a drop saw and a few hand and power tools in the back shed, and weekends at craft markets with chopping boards in tow.

From here it has been a matter of ‘baby steps to victory!’, growing TIDE year by year, but always staying true to our core principles of simplicity, attention to detail, quality design and manufacturing and most importantly individuality.

The current TIDE team. I've been lucky to have found a great team to work with that keeps on growing... Sam has joined us since this image was taken.

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