TIDE Upholstery Fabric Options

August 2022

We have a number of recommended fabrics for TIDE upholstered pieces, however alternative fabrics can be specified.

Details of the TIDE standard fabrics are as follows:


Collection: HUSK

Brand: Warwick Fabrics

Composition: 37% Viscose 24% Polyester 21% Cotton 18% Linen

Origin: European


“Warwick favourite HUSK has been refined and relaunched with a transitional new palette. This stunning natural-fibre blend has an exquisite tonal texture that creates an enduring aesthetic with endless capabilities.”  Full colourway & details here



Collection: PEYTON

Brand: LINIA/Warwick Fabrics

Composition: 35% Acrylic 22% Polyester 21% Cotton 15% Viscose 7% Linen

Origin: Italy


“European flair and enticing texture combine to bring PEYTON together. This Italian natural-fibre blend features a yarn-dyed, chunky plain weave giving this fabric an exquisite cobbled depth”. Full colourway & details here

Collection: ALPINE

Brand: James Dunlop Textiles

Composition: 77% PC (PAN) 22% PL (PES) 1% VI (CV)

Origin: Turkey


“Responding to the markets love affair with boucle, Alpine offers an accessible boucle solution that is both trend driven and highly practical. Woven in a blend of synthetic fibre, Alpine has a soft tactile handle for both residential and commercial spaces”. Full colourway & details here


Collection: STAUNCH

Brand: James Dunlop Textiles

Composition: 100% PL (PES)

Origin: Asia


“This yarn dyed boucle offers soft tactility and dimension to both lineal and curved furniture frames. Woven in 100% polyester with FibreGuard technology, Staunch achieves local FR ratings and has been carefully coloured to transition across both residential and commercial palettes. The colourline includes sophisticated neutrals alongside autumnal tones borrowed from nature”. Full colourway & details here

Collection: SOHO

Brand: James Dunlop Textiles

Composition: 65% LI 35% VI

Origin: Belgium


“James Dunlop’s beloved textured plain Soho, has been reinvigorated with a fresh colour palette. Eight new shades have been introduced to expand the offering of soft neutrals and on-trend green hues, ensuring the Soho palette remains current. Woven in Belgium in a blended composition of linen and viscose, Soho is a timeless plain textile with a natural aesthetic, soft handle, subtle lustre and features the added performance benefits of a Teflon finish”. Full colourway & details here.

Collection: FEEL

Brand: Instyle Textiles

Composition: 65% Australian Wool, 20% Nylon, 15% Alpaca

Origin: Australia


“A beautiful wool and alpaca marle felt textile with a soft, luxurious touch, ideal for upholstery”. Full colourway & details here.

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